More Screenplays Than You Could Ever Read

The website Go Into The Story has unleashed a cavalcade of screenplay links. Award contenders from the last four or five years and some from even earlier.


And this is a formatting guide from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

“The best way to learn how to write a script is to read as many scripts as you can, in as many formats as you can. As a beginning screenwriter, odds are you’re going to be writing a lot of spec scripts (short for “speculation,” or, in other words, free); if the spec script is sold, and manages to make it to production, then you’ll end up with a shooting script (which has been broken down by the script supervisor) and feature lots of details like CUT TO:, POV, and CAMERA ANGLES. This is the draft the crew uses to make the movie,” No Film School says, and this collection has plenty of both.


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